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Powered by NGI, Renters Protection Plan provides reliable renters insurance protection with low deductibles, worldwide property coverage and monthly payment plans that include personal liability insurance with no credit score needed. No funny names. No silly sales pitch. Just insurance for your stuff.

Are residents of the property mandated to purchase Renters Insurance by a landlord or management company?

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    Replacement Costs

    If your stuff is stolen or damaged by a covered peril, we’ll replace it at today’s value and not pay for the depreciated version.

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    Personal Liability Coverage

    Protects you financially for unintentional property damage to your residence or bodily injury for which you are legally liable.

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    Worldwide Coverage

    Whether you're in Europe or at the grocery store, we protect your belongings anywhere in the world!

Terms and Conditions of Renters Insurance

Service Policies

Cancellation Policy: Policies run on monthly policy terms. Once a policy month term has begun, premium for that month is considered fully earned and not eligible for refund. If premiums are collected prior to the coverage start date, they will be refunded in full.

Insured's Address Policy: Policies are issued to a specific address. If your address changes, your policy may need to be modified to ensure coverage. Failing to update your policy address may result in some coverages being unavailable. To update your policy address you must speak directly with a customer service representative by calling Renters Protection Plan Customer Service.

Renewal Policy: Your policy may be automatically renewed by Renters Protection Plan upon its scheduled expiration. You will receive notification prior to this renewal and have the opportunity to decline your renewal, make changes to your insured address or coverage limits, and cancel your renewal after it has been issued.

Rate Change Policy: Insurance rates are highly regulated by state, and at times insurance rates are changed. If a rate change occurs between your date of purchase and your coverage start date, Renters Protection Plan may credit or charge the difference to your credit card on file. You will be notified by email from Renters Protection Plan prior to this transaction.

Payment & Cancellation Policy: All scheduled premium payments will be processed automatically on the credit card on file by Renters Protection Plan. If a payment transaction is declined, Renters Protection Plan will notify you by email. If payment is not received, Renters Protection Plan will cancel your insurance policy and will notify you by email of this action.

File a Claim

Making sure you have the best claims experience is our top priority. For that reason the team at Markel American, with their 85+ years of experience in this field, will handle your claim.

Please call Markel American at (800) 236-3113 to begin the process.

Contact Us

Our agents are happy to help! We can be reached at:

• (855) 941-4044

• customerservice@rentersprotectionplan.com

Hours of operation:

• Mon - Fri 9 am - 8 pm EST

• Sat 10 am - 6 pm EST

Frequently Asked Questions

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